How to Write a Notice of Wake

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A notice of wake is generally printed in a local newspaper to let friends and family of a deceased person know when the wake will be held. The wake is a gathering that is held after a funeral service where food and drinks are served and friends and family members can get together to remember the deceased person. If the funeral service will be small or closed to the public, a wake can be a way for everyone who wants to mourn to gather together and honor the deceased.

1 Write the name

Write the name of the person who died and how old he was at the time he passed. List the date and place of death, as well as the cause if you want to share this information.

2 Give more details

Give more details about the person’s life in the next paragraph. These details can include where the person was born, her birthday, her education and career, where she lived and when she was married.

3 Add any other information

Add any other information that you wish to share about the deceased person. There are many possibilities, including family members he was survived by, membership in organizations, hobbies and interests.

4 List the date

List the date of the funeral service and specify whether or not it is an open service.

5 Include the details for the wake

Include the details for the wake so that people who wish to can attend. Add the address for the wake and whose residence it is, such as the son of the deceased person, as well as the date and time that the wake is going to be held.

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