Things to Write in Friends' Yearbooks

Write about a memory you shared together.
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As the school year comes to a close, have a pen handy to sign those yearbooks. Generic messages, such as "Good Luck to You!," may work for classmates. But, you will probably want to write a little something extra to someone who was not only a classmate but also a close friend. Personalized messages will let them know you really cherish the friendship.

1 What I Like About You

Remind your friend of all the qualities that make her a good friend. Figure out the traits you adore about her, such as being resourceful or a good connector, suggests psychologist Alice Boyes on "Psychology Today" online. Perhaps you could write about how her great sense of humor kept you laughing through the entire school year. Or, maybe you can write about how her optimistic nature helped you to get through a difficult time in your life.

2 We Made Fools of Ourselves

Write about an embarrassing moment you both shared together to make your friend laugh. It may not have been funny when it first happened, but now when you look back on it you realize that it was quite hilarious. Perhaps you can remind him of the time you both dressed up as a burger and fries for your school's costume dance during freshman year. Or, maybe you can reminisce about the time you both played April Fool's Day pranks on each other.

3 Our Friendship Will Never Die

Let your friend know that just because school ended does not mean your friendship has to. Commit to doing fun things together to maintain your friendship even when you are busy, advises Write about the plans you want to have with her in the future. Maybe you could write, "Let's commit to meeting for pizza every month to catch up," or "Our friendship doesn't have to end after graduation. Let's plan a picnic over the summer."

4 Your Future Is Bright

Your friend has probably mentioned his occupational pursuits. Take the opportunity to wish him success in his future endeavors. Perhaps you know that he has plans to become a doctor. You could write, "You will make the perfect pediatrician one day. I will be right there when you open your practice." If he said he wants to be a newspaper journalist, you could write, "Your writing skills are amazing! I know I will see one of your articles on the front page news in the future."

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