Researchers have identified some common signals you can display that let someone know you find them sexually attractive, according to Steven W. Gangestad, Ph.D., an evolutionary psychologist in a “Psychology Today” article, “Flirting Fascination.” There is no way to guarantee that your love interest will return the attraction, but knowing the signals also alerts you when someone finds you sexually attractive.

Flirting for Her

Flirting is an effective way to demonstrate that you find a guy sexually attractive, according to Gangestad. Flirting not only reveals that you're attracted, but invites him to respond back, enhancing the experience. Smiling, looking at the young man and then looking away when he notices, arching your brows, twirling your hair, and touching your face are flirting signals common to women. Lower your voice pitch when talking to him, sounding breathy and husky, according to the WebMD article, “Voice Is Key in Sexual Attraction.” While talking to him, reach over and lightly touch his hand, cross your legs and expose a little skin or brush his leg with your foot.

Flirting for Guys

Guys flirt a little differently from gals, according to “Flirting Fascination.” You might emphasize your broad shoulders with a little arching back or barely swing your hips as you walk to call attention to your attractive v-shaped torso. Show off your muscles by flexing your arms a bit or expose the hair on your chest, suggests psychotherapist Stanley Siegel in “Cracking the Code of Sexual Chemistry.” If you haven’t quite reached that stage in physical development, drop your voice a little deeper and laugh when she giggles. Be sure you smile when she smiles and mirror her body movements.

Add Some Red

Dress to impress, especially in the color red, according to clinical psychologist Noam Shpancer, Ph.D., in the “Psychology Today” article, "Red Alert: Science Discovers the Color of Sexual Attraction.” Guys perceive a gal wearing red as more sexually receptive and open to attention. Couple that with smooth skin, lush hair and an engaging smile and a gal will hook her guy. Guys can wear red to heighten desire, too, writes Shpancer, but it spells higher status to the girls more than sexual receptivity.

Show Interest

Showing interest in the person your find sexually attractive sends the right signals. Focus on your partner instead of others. Leave your cell in your pocket or purse instead of texting while you talk. Your love interest should feel like the most important person in the room. Lean in and listen when your date talks and asks questions about his or her life, education, job or interests. Don’t be afraid to let your date know that you want to learn some personal details. Add humor to keep the conversation moving and your date laughing. Flirting and signaling sexual attraction should be enjoyable.