Nonverbal Signs of Flirting

Flirting usually begins with eye contact.
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Flirting is often used to attract attention, to show that you are interested or done simply for fun. Some acts of flirting are done on purpose, while others happen without any thought. Body language makes up a major part of the messages sent when flirting, according to "The Science of Flirting," on the BBC website. What you do with your eyes, head and facial expressions can successfully communicate that you are interested.

1 Eye Contact

Make eye contact to show that you are interested and to see if the other person has noticed you as well. If you catch someone's eyes across a room, try to hold his gaze between one and two seconds, suggests the "SIRC Guide to Flirting," on the Social Issues Research Centre's website. Raising the eyebrows slightly while smiling can also show interest. If he gazes back at you, looks away and then glances back, he is likely also interested. If having a conversation with him, gaze into his eyes or on some other point of his face to show that you are tuned in to what he is saying.

2 Personal Space

It may be helpful to get as close as possible to the one you're interested in. Stand or sit as close as two or three steps away. If she does not back away and continues to smile and maintain eye contact, you can take that as an invitation to move about an arm's length away; any closer may make her uncomfortable. If you are standing side by side, you may be able to get closer without being imposing, such as standing with your shoulders and elbows touching lightly.

3 Gestures

More animated and energetic hand movements and head movements are likely to attract the person you are interested in. Talk with your hands, using open and broad gestures, writes psychologist Jeremy Nicholson in the article, "You Don't Say: Persuasive Body Language for Flirting and Dating," on the "Psychology Today" website. Fast, excitable hand movements can draw his attention more closely to the conversation. A single or double nod shows that he is focused on what you are saying and wants you to continue.

4 Strike a Pose

Your posture can send powerful messages. When a man wants to impress he usually makes himself appear larger by putting his hands into his pockets and sticking out his elbows to make his chest appear larger. A female is likely to make herself appear smaller by pulling her knees in. Both males and females will turn their entire bodies towards someone they like, notes the SIRC. You can make an impression by echoing the gestures of the person you want to attract. Take a sip of your drink at the same time she does or rest your right elbow on the table after she puts her left elbow there.

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