Nonverbal Signs of Romantic Attraction

Leaning toward someone is one nonverbal sign of attraction.
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Nonverbal signs of romantic attraction can provide clues about who is interested in you and who is not. Keep a watchful eye for signals such as a touch on the arm or eye contact that lasts longer than a second. These types of behaviors are evidence that the other person finds you attractive.

1 Eye Contact

The eyes have it when it comes to romantic attraction. If a stranger catches your eye from across the room and holds your gaze for a couple of seconds, she is likely interested, notes the Social Issues Research Centre's "Guide to Flirting." If a girl bows her head and looks at you from under her eyebrows, that is a signal of attraction known as the "forehead bow," says anthropologist David Givens in the article "Body Language Decoded." Watch a person's eyes and you will get an indication of how she is feeling about you.

2 Posture

Body posture also tells you much about romantic attraction. People who are attracted to each other lean in, mirror behaviors and face one another directly. A guy who finds you attractive may place his left hand on his chin while talking to you if your right hand is resting on your chin. He might also engage in the "cute response," as described by Givens, in which his shoulders raise in response to seeing you.

3 Feet and Hands

Look at a person's feet and hands as indications of romantic attraction. Palms up show that the other person is feeling open and friendly toward you, while a light touch on the arm while talking is a certain sign of a attraction. Feet that are pointing toward you show attraction, while feet that are pointing away shout, "I don't want to be here!" Look also for "pigeon toes," as described by Givens. If your partner turns her feet slightly inward when meeting, she is probably attracted.

4 Nervous System

Beyond obvious signals from the eyes, body and limbs, there are more subtle signals that you might not pick up on until you get physically close to someone. Increased heart rate, breathing, flushed cheeks and swelling lips are all natural signals of attraction in the body -- and ones that happen mostly outside of one's control. If you feel a boy's heart racing when you give him a hug goodbye, that may be evidence that he is smitten.

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