Signs of Physical Attraction in a Relationship

A smile and a hug can signal a physical attraction.
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As you move into the teen years the effects of puberty go way beyond a growth spurt or sprouting hair in new areas. During the transition into young adulthood, the hormonal changes of puberty that are going on inside of your body may cause you to begin noticing potential romantic partners. Understanding the signs of physical attraction within a relationship can help you to know what is normal for you and what to expect from a potential date.

1 It's in the Eyes

You don't need to witness a couple cutely cooing "I love you" to each other to know that they have an attraction. Facial gestures can show signs of physical attraction without either person having to say a word. For example, a couple with chemistry may show more relaxed facial expressions or tilt their heads lovingly as they gaze into each other's eyes. You may also see slight, almost knowing, smiles that the pair shares while maintaining constant eye contact.

2 Keeping Close

Closeness is a key element of a true relationship, according to the experts of the TeensHealth website. While emotional closeness is essential for a committed couple, physical closeness is also a piece of the relationship puzzle. Constant physical proximity to one another is a signal that the pair has a mutual attraction. When one person doesn't share the attraction, he may turn his back to or keep his distance from his romantic partner. That said, if the duo has a close-knit chemistry, you'll see them sitting or standing near each other.

3 Stay In Touch

Although physical attraction may result in intimate actions, the signs of this chemistry are often more low-key. Fairly innocent types of touching -- such as holding hands, putting an arm around a partner or brushing the other person's hair out of their eyes for them -- can signal that an attraction exists. Touch types of signs don't have to include a young man groping his girlfriend in the movie theater or passionately kissing her in the middle of a dance club. Instead, these signs may seem more subtle -- such as girl patting her beau's shoulder or brushing her foot up against his.

4 Talking It Up

While you'll see plenty of nonverbal signs that a couple is physically attracted to one another, chemistry in a relationship may also come out in the words that they speak. For example, flirting is one way that partners in a relationship -- or individuals who are in the process of becoming a couple -- show their attraction to each other. Flirting doesn't always mean outright statements of attraction. Teasing and playful types of talk are also part of flirting when it comes to signaling an attraction.

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