How to Tell If a Woman Likes You by Looking at Her Body Language

Look at her eyes to determine if her smile is real or forced.
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Whether you’re hoping to catch the attention of an attractive stranger or you’re already on a date, there will be times when you’ll wish you could read your love interest’s mind. While not quite the same as mind reading, learning to judge body language can allow you to interpret many unspoken messages. From her eyes to her feet, learn to decipher the many subtle messages that are coming your way. However, be aware that many people often mistake friendliness for physical attraction, so be aware of both verbal and nonverbal cues.

1 Her Eyes

The eyes can give you plenty of insight into a person's emotional state. For example, if a woman seems to give you a brief, passing glance or if her gaze seems to be lingering on another person, she's probably not interested in you. However, if she maintains eye contact with you or continually glances at you, there might be a hint of attraction. Give her an eyebrow flash to signal your interest. If she returns the gesture with a smile, you can take this as a sign of attraction -- or at least a sign that she wouldn’t mind a friendly chat.

2 Her Palms

Handshakes are a common way to measure a person's confidence or reluctance. However, even when someone’s hands aren’t touching yours, they reveal messages about a person's vulnerability. In the case of attraction, upward facing palms leave the wrists exposed, communicating openness or trust between two people. So, whether she’s gesturing or allowing her hands to rest on a tabletop, try to determine if your love interest trusts you enough to show off her palms or inner wrists.

3 Her Foot Position

Feet play a large role when it comes to gauging a person's interest. Feet act as a compass, and when in social settings, your toes tend to point toward what has your attention. So, even if a woman turns her torso to give you some attention, if her toes are still pointed at her handsome friend, you might not have her full interest. Only once her torso and toes are aimed at you should you even begin to assume an attraction is present. In addition, if her toes are pointed at the door and she keeps glancing at a watch, she might be signaling impatience or discomfort in the situation.

4 Her Smile

A smile might seem like an obvious sign of interest, but the article "How to Spot a Fake Smile: It's All in the Eyes" on explains that there are different types of smiles. In the article, Paul Ekman, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, explains that genuine smiles are marked by a contraction of eye-area muscles, whereas an insincere, polite smile simply moves the muscles around the lips. The next time a woman smiles at you, look for a downward shift to take place between her eyebrows and upper eyelids. This will help you determine whether she’s just being polite or if she’s actually pleased to see you.

5 Mirroring Gestures

By mirroring body movements, two people are unconsciously revealing that they are on the same page. Not only will you tend to do this with someone you like or admire, but a woman who is attracted to you will also likely fall into mirroring your gestures. If you use this strategy purposefully to reveal your attraction, be sure not to make it too obvious.

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