Nonverbal Signs a Man Is Interested

His expression reveals if he has an interest in you.
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You've got your eye on a certain guy -- but he's not fessing up to his feelings and you're not sure how to determine his interest in you. Just because he's not verbally telling you what he feels doesn't mean he's not interested. While asking you out or saying, "Hey, I really like you" gets straight to the point, his anxiety or awkwardness around the object of his affection -- that's you -- might make him verbally shut down. Understanding the nonverbal signs that a guy is interested can help you know when he really is into you.

1 An Honest Approach

Even if your guy is talking non-stop about how amazing and awesome you are, his nonverbal signs will help you figure out his true feelings. Nonverbal cues -- such as body language -- rarely lie, whereas words can, according to doctor of social and personality psychology Jeremy Nicholson on the Psychology Today website. Whether the guy in question is talking, looking at his nonverbal language may give you a better picture of his interest than asking him straight out about his intent.

2 Setting the Space

Is the guy in your eye standing what seems like miles away from you? When you sit down on the couch together, does he move to the opposite side or does he snuggle close to you? The physical distance a guy puts between him and you provides a clue as to how he feels. Moving farther away indicates that he may not have a strong pull towards you. On the other hand, getting closer shows his interest.

3 Body Language

The ways in which a man moves can provide additional clues as to how he feels about you. Positions such as sitting with his arms and legs uncrossed or the palms of his hands facing up indicate that he feels positively about you. Likewise, tilting his head slightly when talking to or looking at you also shows his interest, according to "Examples of Body Language" from the Miami-Dade Community College website.

4 Gesturing Interest

Reading your guy's facial expressions offers a window as to his internal interest level. A sweet smile or open eye contact often indicate that a guy enjoys your company or has a genuine interest in you. That said, just because he looks you directly in the eyes doesn't mean that he has a true interest or that he's always being honest. Constant eye contact usually means that the person across from you has good intentions -- but in some cases, it doesn't. A practiced liar can look you in the eyes and tell you that he's interested -- when he isn't -- or that he's looking to use you for something he wants, such as rides to school.

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