How to Know if a Guy Is Bored on a Date

Body language can signal boredom.
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You've met a guy and are thrilled to have a date planned with him. You are excited, yet nervous, because you want him to like you. You want him to find you interesting and fun. Watching for signs that your date is bored can give you an indication of how the date is progressing.

1 Body Language

A person's nonverbal communication can signal that he is bored. If your date is bored, he is likely to slouch, have glassy eyes and fidget. Someone who is partially turned from you isn't fully engaged in the conversation, writes Gretchen Rubin, a lawyer and author of "7 Tips to Know if You're Boring Someone," on the website, PsychCentral. If your date is interested, he should be facing you, leaning toward you and smiling.

2 Communication Style

The types of questions he asks can help to determine whether he is bored. If interested, he will ask questions that show he wants to get to know you. For example, rather than simply asking where you are from, he may ask how you felt growing up as an only child. He may ask you to clarify something that you said. He also should encourage you to continue speaking by using short verbal expressions, such as "yes" or "uh huh," according to

3 Short Attention Span

People who are bored tend to have short attention spans, according to the AARP website. He may regularly look at his phone, text someone or watch other people. He may check the time or appear to be daydreaming. He may seem to have a hard time listening to you. But there could be another reason, as well. His boredom could be an indicator that you have been monopolizing the conversation or talking about a topic that doesn't interest him.

4 Considerations to Keep in Mind

While your date may appear bored, that may not necessarily be the case. He may yawn because he is tired, or he may appear distracted because he is stressed about work. He may look at his phone because he is expecting an important call. suggests not placing too much emphasis on a solitary gesture or nonverbal cue. While it is helpful to know which signs indicate boredom, remember that his behavior might have nothing to do with you.

Stacey Elkins is a writer based in Chicago. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and a Masters in social work from the University of Illinois in Chicago, where she specialized in mental health.