How to Tell if a Guy Is Excited to See You

A gleeful grin shows that he's happy to see you.
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The first few dates were seemingly a success, but you're not entirely sure how to tell if he's excited to see you again. When the two of you get together, looking for those subtle signals that show whether he's got the same fluttering feeling that you do can stop the guess-work on your part. From how he acts to what he says, take notice of his intentions and get a better understanding of his desire to continue on the road to a relationship.

1 Begin With His Body

Don't rely on your guy to always come out and say what's on his mind. If he clams up, take a look elsewhere to figure out whether he's feeling the same way that you are. Body language -- how he holds his body, what stances he takes and how close he stands -- offers clues as to his excitement level. Knowing how to read these clues is key to uncovering his true feelings. When he's excited to see you, your guy will use a positive type of body language. Positive body language includes standing or moving closer towards you, leaning in when he talks to you, opening his arms instead of crossing them and coyly stroking his hair or face, writes doctor of social and personality psychology Jeremy Nicholson, on "Psychology Today."

2 Tune In to His Tone

Sometimes it's not what the guy says, but how he says it. Listening closely to the tone in his voice can provide you with a clue or two as to how he's feeling. If his voice sounds monotone or drab and dull, it's not likely that he's overly excited -- even if he's saying that he is. On the other hand, if he has an upbeat tone, it's likely that he has an interest in seeing you. For example, cheerfully greeting you with, "Hey, what's up?" is very different than saying the same words through gritted teeth.

3 Facial Features

What are his eyes doing when he talks to you? What about his mouth? Taking note of facial expressions can help you to judge the emotions that your guy is experiencing, asserts the article "Understanding Other People," on TeensHealth. For example, if he immediately locks eyes with you or playfully glances downward in a coy way, it's likely that he's excited to see you. Likewise, his sweet smile may also indicate his enthusiasm.

4 Listen Up

While some guys aren't jumping to speak their feelings, others may come right out and say, "I'm really happy to see you again." If your guy is talking about his feelings, but hasn't exactly said that he's excited to see you, make a point of listening better. When the two of you meet up, listen to what he's really saying, don't just look out for the word "excited." For example, he might say, "I've been looking forward to spending time with you all day long." This type of phrase shows that he's excited about seeing you without directly saying it.

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