Can You Erase a Comment on Instagram?

You can flag comments for abuse or spam.
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After you post your photos or videos on Instagram, other people can comment on them. If you don't want certain comments to remain visible, you can delete them. You can delete any of the comments left by other Instagram users on your photos. Furthermore, you can delete your own comments from photos posted by other people. Remember that you can always block Instagram users who bother or harass you.

Log in to Instagram on your iOS or Android device and navigate to the photo that has the comment you want to remove.

Tap the "Comment" button below the photo to view all comments and then locate the comment you want to delete.

Swipe your finger to the right over the comment on your iOS device to display a menu. On an Android device, tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the Comments screen.

Tap the trash can button on your iOS device and then tap "Delete" to erase the comment. On an Android device, tap the "X" icon next to the comment and then tap "Delete" to erase it.

  • Information in this article applies to Instagram 5.0.2 for iOS and Android. Procedures may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.
  • To also report the comment, tap the "Delete & Report Abuse" button on your iOS device or the "Report Abuse" button on an Android device.

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