Types of Photo ID in Australia

Australia requires photo IDs for different purposes.

Several types of photo identification (ID) cards are used in Australia. Each card serves a purpose, so it is helpful to know which type of ID will serve you best. In Australia, it is common to need photo identification for travel, employment, voting, consumption of alcohol and driving.

1 Driver's License

The most widely used type of photo identification in Australia is the Australian driver's license. Used to verify age, prove residency, and as a license to drive a motor vehicle, the Australian driver's license is perhaps the most convenient photo ID to have in Australia. The minimum driving age in Australia varies depending upon the state and territory, so having an Australian driver's license assures that you are able to drive anywhere in the country regardless of whether you are under the age requirement in a particular state.

2 Passport

All Australian citizens need a passport in order to leave the country.

The Australian passport is another type of photo ID used in Australia. Passports allow Australian citizens to travel outside their country and to return to Australia. These documents include identifying information such as name, date of birth, address, country of citizenship and photo. Australian passports are issued only to Australian citizens by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

3 Keypass Photo ID

The Keypass is another type of photo ID used in Australia. This card is used mainly as proof of age, in place of a driver's license. Since many people in Australia may be over the age of 18 but not have valid drivers' licenses, the Keypass acts as an alternative form of photo identification to prove adulthood. The Keypass may be obtained by submitting a completed application form.

Keypass P.O. Box 40 Collins St West Melbourne 8007 Australia

4 Student ID

Most schools in Australia issue student ID cards as a form of identification. The majority of student ID cards will feature a person's photo, name, school name and student number. While not an official, government-issued ID, student IDs serve as a verification of identity in Australia. Also, student IDs can afford their owners discounts on leisure activities.

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