Transferring From Reserve to Active Duty in the Marine Corps

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Unless deployed on special assignments, Marine Corps Reservists, also known as Weekend Warriors, only drill and work on the weekends as opposed to active duty Marines. Active duty Marines work full-time, between five and seven days a week depending on the command, the assignment and their specialty. Becoming an active duty Marine takes an initial request, approval and then a transfer of records to the new post.

1 Inform your chain

Inform your chain of command of your intentions to transfer from reservist to active duty.

2 Contact your local recruiter

Contact your local recruiter to discuss your transfer to "Active Duty" status. Inform him or her of your current MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) and whether or not you plan on applying for a new MOS. Have your recruiter identify and communicate any available MOS needs that the Marine Corps may currently have.

3 Obtain

Obtain, complete and file a DD 368 (Request for Conditional Release) form from your recruiter. Make sure that you provide accurate information regarding your service and your recruiter's contact information. Have your recruiter fill out any applicable data required and sign the form.

4 Complete the DA Form 4187

Complete the DA Form 4187 (Request for Personal Action) form. Attach a letter explaining why you would like to be transferred to active duty along with your intentions if your request is approved. Submit this form to your command's personnel office for review by your chain of command.

5 Wait between one and six months

Wait between one and six months to hear the results of your request to transfer to active duty. While you wait, you can request or volunteer for deployment as a reservist but your request's approval will depend on the Marine Corps/Navy's need for your services at that time.

6 Receive the transfer approval

Receive the transfer approval as well as your new orders. Sign your Active Duty contract.

7 Return all uniforms and other equipment to your command's unit

Return all uniforms and other equipment to your command's unit. Obtain new uniforms, badges and equipment as required for your new MOS or unit. Ensure that your payroll information is accurate at your military personnel files office.

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