How to Transfer From the Army to the Marines

You can transfer to the Marines, but you must follow proper procedure.

Once you have signed your contract with the United States Army, there are very few ways to leave the service early. However, the good news is that you can end your Army contract early for the purpose of entering a different military branch. If you want to transfer from the Army to the Marines, you are able to do so with a “conditional release” from the Army at the behest of a Marines recruiter.

Visit a Marines recruitment office. In order to transfer from the Army to the Marines, you’ll need to speak with a recruiter. The recruiter will want to hear your reasons for requesting the transfer before making a decision about the transfer request.

Fill out a DD368 Request for Conditional Release if the Marine recruiter believes you would make a good transfer candidate. The form is available at the recruitment office or online (see Resource 1). Use black ink on the form and print legibly.

Wait for approval of the DD368 request. Approval can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. If you are not approved for transfer, your original Army contract remains intact.

Meet with your Marine recruiter again to sign your new contract if your request is approved. You will also receive details about your new deployment or any additional training required at this time.

Contact your commanding officer in the Army to inform him or her of your transfer. While the commanding officer will typically already be notified by the Marines recruiter, the DD368 Request for Conditional Release form stipulates that you must also inform your commanding officer as part of the transfer agreement.

Report to your Marines training camp or new deployment. Once you begin your new assignment, the transfer is complete and you are officially contracted with the Marines instead of the Army.

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