How to Export All iPhone Calendar Items & Import to Gmail

Sync your iPhone calendar using CardDAV or Google Sync.

There is no need to manually export all of your iPhone calendar items to import them into Gmail. You can configure your iPhone to export all calendar items, and then import them into your Google calendar using Google Sync or CardDAV. If you use Google Apps for Business, you can use the Google Sync app to sync your calendar between your iPhone and Gmail account. Google Sync, however, is not available for non-business users. Personal users can configure CardDAV on the iPhone to sync calendars between the device and Google accounts.

Tap the “Settings” icon on the iPhone home screen to launch the Settings app.

Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option.

Tap “Add Account” to open the list of available account types.

Tap the “Google” account type option to open the New Account form in iOS 7. In iOS 6, tap “Other,” then tap “Add CardDAV Account.” Tap “Next.”

Type your name in the Name field, then type your username and password in the respective boxes.

Type a description of the account, if desired, in the Description box. Tap “Next.”

Slide the “Calendar” toggle switch to “On." CardDAV is now configured to automatically sync your Gmail and iPhone calendars. Your device begins immediately syncing your calendar.

Tap the “Settings” icon in the iPhone home screen to launch the Settings app.

Tap the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” tab.

Tap the “Add Account” option. The list of available account types opens.

Tap the “Gmail” or “Google" account type option, depending on the available selection. The New Account form opens.

Type your Gmail address and password in the Email and Password fields, and then tap “Next.”

Type “” in the Server input box, and leave the Domain field empty.

Type your Gmail address in the Username field, then tap “Next.” The Select Services screen opens.

Tap the “Calendars” option, and slide to “On” to enable syncing.

Tap “Save” to save your settings. Google Sync is now configured to automatically export and sync your calendar with your Gmail account. Your iPhone begins immediately syncing your calendar.

  • Information in these steps applies to the iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0 and iOS 7. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of iOS.
  • To respond to Google calendar invitations from your iPhone, you must have both Mail and Calendar syncing enabled. Additionally, New Events must be enabled in your Google calendar.

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