A fraternity provides an avenue for campus involvement, community service and the development of lifelong friendships. If you're interested in joining a fraternity, prepare for the fraternity rush. Rush usually takes place in the fall, but fraternities can recruit all year long. Who you are as an individual, your interests and accomplishments will factor into the selection process. Greek organizations compete with one another for members; use this to your advantage as you navigate the process.

Interests and Options

Think about what you want out of a fraternity experience and then research the options. You are more likely to get into a fraternity if your interests are aligned with the values of the organization. Visit all of the houses and ask questions about their standards. Find out what they're involved in on campus and in the community. Interact with the fraternity brothers and meet some of the other rushees. When you find the right match, let them know what you have to offer as a member. Provide a verbal resume of why you are an ideal new brother.

Create a Complete Application

Think of rushing a fraternity like applying for a job. Your application is like a resume. Include all of the extracurricular activities you were involved with in high school. Highlight your leadership roles and volunteer work. Academic honors are an advantage in the selection process since fraternities are judged on the combined grade point average of their members. If you don’t have a good photo of yourself, have someone take one and include that in your admission package. Finally, get letters of recommendation that highlight your talents and accomplishments. Ask teachers, coaches, advisers and job supervisors to speak on your behalf.

Be Social

If you tend to be socially reserved, do what you can to break out of your shell. Fraternities will select men who they get along with and are fun. Being Greek is a lifelong commitment, so developing strong relationships is key. This is not just a test for you but also for the fraternity. You need to feel comfortable with the brothers you meet, too. You should know right away if you gel with the brothers. That connection will be a sign that you have found the right match.

Strategic Sharing

Be intentional about sharing significant facts that emphasize your skills and attributes. Fraternities are looking for brothers who will represent the organization favorably. During recruitment, you'll notice that fraternity men who are involved in campus, strong academic performers and athletes will be highlighted. If you have any of these traits, be sure to speak about them directly. It may seem like bragging, but in the end it could make the difference in the decision-making process. If need be, clean up your online profile. Fraternities may search the Web for information about you.