How to Become a Member of the Order of the Eastern Star

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The Order of the Eastern Star welcomes Master Masons and the female relatives of Masons as members. Founded in the 1800s by Dr. Rob Morris, a Master Mason, Eastern Star is based upon the biblical principles of heroism, moral values and charitable works. If you're a woman, you must have a male relative who is a Master Mason to begin the process of joining an Eastern Star chapter.

1 Establishing Your Eligibility

As a female relative of a Master Mason in good standing, you're eligible to join the Order of the Eastern Star. You may be the wife, mother, daughter or stepdaughter of a Mason, or an extended family relative, such as a great granddaughter, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, or first or second cousin.

2 Finding Masonic Relatives

You may not have an immediate relative who is a Master Mason, but you may know of a stepfather, uncle or great-grandfather who is or is rumored to have been a Mason. To find the records of his membership, it is helpful to know where he lived. It also helps to know his date of birth and/or death so Eastern Star can ensure they have the correct Mason. If you know the state and town, Eastern Star can verify your relative's Masonic membership.

3 Petitioning to Join OES

Every member of OES must petition to join. After your petition is reviewed and your eligibility established, the chapter will vote on your membership. Your religion is not a consideration, as long as you believe in a Supreme Being. However, if you have a felony or other legal issues in your past, you may not be eligible for membership. If the conviction is expunged by the court, then you might be eligible to join Eastern Star.

4 Participating in Eastern Star

While based on the biblical stories of Adah, Electa, Esther, Martha and Ruth, the organization says that it is not a religious organization. OES chapters have regular meetings and participate in a number of fundraising and charitable events to benefit the local community and a variety of Masonic scholarships and charities, such as the Shriners Hospitals for Children. Each year the local chapter and the Grand Chapter also support their own selected charities as part of the OES' goal to benefit all mankind.

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