How to Leave a Good Impression During a Sorority Rush

Rushing for the right reasons helps you make the right impression.
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Sorority rush is your time to shine in front of potential new sorority sisters. While you want to come across as genuine, your best chance for success is to treat rush week as an intensive hands-on interview. You get a chance to get to know houses and members, but you also want to make the right impression to the houses you have stronger interest in joining.

1 Don't Be Timid

For many new sorority prospects, especially first-semester freshmen, rush week is intimidating. You not only have to get used to a new school, classes and campus, but you go through the gauntlet of mixers, activities and informal interviews. Come prepared to shine. The more genuine and true to yourself you are, the more likely the right sorority will offer you a bid. However, you want to be the confident, outgoing version of you as opposed to the timid, keep-to-yourself version.

2 Research

As you would with a job interview, do the legwork upfront to get familiar with the sororities and members who interest you. When you submit an application for rush to the student life or Greek life office, ask for advice on whom to speak to in houses. You may have classes during the first week with current sisters. Introduce yourself, ask questions and get comfortable with a few members. Not only can you gain insights on the culture, philosophies and goals of houses, but you can also begin the process of showing interest.

3 Show Off

Many prospective sisters attempt to show off during rush week. Unfortunately, some go about it the wrong way. Sisters don't want to see how much you can talk, how dominant you can be in conversations or how much you can drink. Instead, they want to learn about your background, accomplishments, goals and personality. Attend as many Greek life and house activities as possible. The more sisters see you, the more curious they become as to what you could offer. Focus on interaction with current members above interaction with new recruits. Dressing fashionably and looking your best helps as well.

4 Relax and Have Fun

If joining a sorority has been a lifelong goal, you can easily freeze up during rush week. This is especially true if you don't get much sleep because of your schedule demands and the excitement. Remind yourself throughout the week to stay relaxed and have fun. If your recruitment includes sit-down interviews with current sisters, view this time as a chance to build rapport, and not a third-degree inquisition. Show off your personality to as many sisters as possible and let the chips fall as they should.

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