Things Girls Want to Hear After a Date

Say what a girl wants to hear after a date and you may get another one.
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Dates can be nerve-racking enough without having to worry about what to say at the end of the night. However, while you don't want to be too pushy, especially if you are unsure of how the girl feels, you should end the date in a way that signals to the girl what to expect. In fact, what you say at the end of the night can determine whether or not you get another date.

1 I Had Fun

Let your date know how much you enjoyed her company. A girl wants to know that you had just as much fun as she did. When saying nice things about your time together, be honest and genuine. Even if you didn't enjoy certain parts of the date, be specific about the parts that you did like. For example: "I didn't like that movie, but it wasn't so bad, because I got to hang out with you."

2 I Was Listening

Your date will want to know that you paid attention when she was talking and remember what she said. Bring up something that she mentioned, even if it was just a small detail. For example: "I know you are stressed about your upcoming biology test. Maybe after you finish we could celebrate by going out for frozen yogurt." Ordained minister and marriage counselor Samuel Kisseadoo says in his book, "Needs of Men and Women in Relationships," that women appreciate when men not only listen to their opinions and comments, but also show interest or reply with sympathy, when appropriate.

3 Want to Meet Again?

If the date went well, she will want to see you again, and probably hopes you will feel the same. Don't just let her know you want another date, let her know what you have planned for your next date or present some ideas. If she gave you any hints about her interests, make sure to suggest something you would both enjoy. Depending on what she likes to do, you could suggest a sports activity, a unique spot in your town, a home-cooked meal, a comedy show or a party. When picking the date location and activity, keep in mind that you are looking for the chance to bond and get to know each other more.

4 I Will Call You

It's not enough to tell her you had a good time and want to see her again. Generally, girls appreciate it when guys make a promise to keep in touch -- and stick to it. In a survey conducted by Michael Mills, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at Loyola Marymount University, 93 percent of female respondents said they would rather have the man take initiative, rather than doing the pursuing themselves. She will likely appreciate it if you tell her you will make the next step in moving the relationship forward.

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