What Do You Do If Your First Date Didn't Go So Well?

If he makes you feel uncomfortable, don't agree to a second date.
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After getting up the courage to ask your crush out, you were psyched to go out on your first date. In your mind, you imagined it as flawless. But in reality, the date was more of an awkward mess. If your first date didn't go so well, that doesn't necessarily mean all hope is lost.

1 It's Just an Intro

Avoid putting too much weight on the outcome of your first date. A first date is more of a brief introduction than a romantic escape. Although there are certainly first dates that end in perfect pairings, more often than not it's simply a brief get-to-know-you activity. If you feel that your first date didn't showcase your sparkling personality or that the other person was too nervous to truly talk, give it a second chance. Call your date and suggest a second chance to get to know each other better. On the other hand, if what you learned about the person didn't exactly thrill you, leave it at that and don't spend the time trying to force something that isn't there.

2 Punch It Up

Did you make a poor choice for your first date activity? If doing so made the date go from awesome to awful, ask the girl out again with a better option. Dates in noisy bars where you can't hear each other or those that involve little interaction -- such as watching a movie -- don't allow the two of you to talk. Instead of focusing on the boring time that you had on your blah date, ask her out on a new, exciting adventure. For example, if your date seems sporty, take her to a ballgame or get athletic together on a hike or bike ride.

3 Romance Review

If you're at a loss for what to do after a bad first date, take a look at what exactly went wrong. There are an array of simple mistakes that first-daters can make. These aren't necessarily relationship-enders, but they can put off your date and make things awkward. Common first-date mistakes include overdoing it on makeup, perfume or cologne, talking nonstop about yourself and constantly looking at your cell during dinner, according to the article "Six Things Not to Do on a First Date" on the "Psych Central" website. Set up a second date, keeping your first-date blunders in mind, and do everything that you can to avoid a repeat scenario.

4 Cut and Run

Sometimes you simply can't salvage a not-so-great first date. Dating gives you a chance to get to know someone new, learning about him and if he's the right match for you. If you have zero chemistry or have concerns about what he's telling you, don't agree to a second date. For example, if you met the guy online and in person you realize he more than embellished his profile, ask yourself if you really want to further pursue a liar. As the saying goes, "There are plenty of fish in the sea."

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