Telltale Signs of a Great First Date

Touching often indicates that a date went well.
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Nothing can make you sit on edge more than wondering if a first date went well and waiting to hear from the person you went out with. Chances are, though, if you think it went well, it very likely did. While you can't ever anticipate how the other person perceived the evening, chances are that it was positive if the telltale signs of a great date are there.

1 A High Level of Comfort

First dates almost always provoke anxiety. If you and your date managed to move beyond the awkward questions about work and hobbies into a genuine conversation that had you both laughing, rest assured that your date was a success. On the other hand, if the entire evening felt like a prolonged job interview, then conversational ease was lacking, notes the relationship website eHarmony in the article, "Five Telltale Signs of a Great First Dates." Don't take it personally if the two of you had difficulty connecting -- sometimes the chemistry is there and sometimes it isn't.

2 You Were Touched

If a first date is going well, chances are there will be some physical contact. If your date touched your elbow as she was telling you a story or put her hand on yours during the movie, chances are a second date is in the making. After all, intensifying a physical attraction is one of the goals of dating, according to communication researcher Sean Horan in the "Psychology Today" article, "First Date Goals." If you got the impression that the guy you attended the concert with enjoyed holding your hand, your date probably went well.

3 You Both Hated to Part

Another dating goal is fun, says Horan. If you and the person you went out with ended up having a difficult time saying goodnight, that's a good sign. A truly great first date won't end when the concert or movie does. Instead, it'll likely continue as the two of you head out for dessert or drinks to prolong the evening. If you find that you were talking to your date until the wee hours of the morning, it's a definite sign that the evening went well.

4 The Follow-Up Is Great

If you hear from your date in the next two or three days after your date, that's a sign that it went well, according to eHarmony. You don't have to receive a phone call -- simply getting a text or an email thanking you for the great time and suggesting that the two of you talk soon is good news. If you don't hear from the person for a couple of weeks, it's probably a safe bet that the two of you simply weren't a great match. You don't have to leave the ball entirely in your date's court, though. Remember to send your own friendly follow-up message after your date.

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