How to Respond to a Compliment From a Guy

Your response to a compliment doesn't need to be complicated.
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Some people have trouble gracefully accepting compliments, often because of low self-esteem, says psychologist Guy Winch in an article for "Psychology Today." However, if you brush off a compliment from a guy, it can make him feel like he has poor taste or bad judgment. You can acknowledge a compliment with a smile and a simple "thank you." Showing appreciation for a compliment tells the guy that you value his opinion and have the confidence to accept praise.

1 Give Thanks

A compliment should always be responded to with a "thank you," says LisaMarie Luccioni, adjunct professor of communication at the University of Cincinnati, in an article for "Psychology Today." For example, if you were complimented on the toast that you gave at your sister's wedding, say something like, "Thanks, that is nice of you to say" or "Thank you, I really appreciate that." If you wish to go a step further, you could add a comment such as "I put a lot of time into preparing what to say" or "That means a lot to me."

2 Start a Conversation

If you wish to talk further, a thank you can be followed up with a conversation opener, says Penelope Trunk in "Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success," After you offer thanks, say something like, "What did you think of the meal?" or "What was your favorite part of the day?" Don't rack your brain trying to come up with the perfect thing to say -- any comment that moves the conversation forward will help you get to know the guy better. If you do not wish to talk further, there is nothing more to do than gracefully accept the compliment as offered.

Arlin Cuncic has been writing about mental health since 2007, specializing in social anxiety disorder and depression topics. She served as the managing editor of the "Journal of Attention Disorders" and has worked in a variety of research settings. Cuncic holds an M.A. in clinical psychology.