How to Entertain a Cousin

Teach your cousin how to bake a secret family recipe.
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Though you are excited about your cousin's arrival, you may be stumped about how to entertain her during her visit and you definitely do not want her to get a bad case of the boredom blues. Simply focus on celebrating your family bond and strengthening your relationship. You already share the same family blood line so you just might enjoy many of the same fun activities.

1 Whatever Interests Your Cousin

You are probably already somewhat familiar with what your cousin enjoys. Plan an activity based on his interests and hobbies. Have places to go and things to do specifically in mind for someone visiting by pre-planning before their arrival. Perhaps your cousin is a car enthusiast. See if there is a local car show you can attend with him. Maybe you know your cousin has a fascination with Egyptian artifacts. Get museum tickets for the both of you to see the latest exhibits.

2 Continuing Family Traditions

Engage your cousin in a favorite tradition taught to you by a grandparent or older relative, especially if she is quite younger than you. Traditions help family members to bond with each other and connect to their family history, according to psychologist Michelle L. Brennan in her Psych Central article "Why Holiday Traditions Might Be More Important Than You Think." Perhaps you can show your cousin all the steps to making your grandmother's famous pecan pie or gingerbread cookies. Consider teaching your cousin how to build a ship in the bottle just like your older brother taught you.

3 Cousin vs. Cousin Showdown

Bring out the board games and hold a friendly competition between the two of you. Playing games together can strengthen your connection and promote positive family memories, says psychologist Marie Hartwell-Walker in her Psych Central article "Family Fun in a Box." Play a series of board games, such as Monopoly and Clue. The person who loses most of the games will have to do a favor for the winner, such as buying him lunch. Alternatively, take your cousin to a game entertainment center. Compete against each other in several video and arcade games.

4 In Touch With Nature

Your cousin will likely get bored being coped up in your house. Engage her in outdoor fun. Plan activities for all types of weather conditions to entertain your visitor, says Barth. If it is summer or springtime, hit the local park. Prepare a picnic lunch to munch on and take advantage of the warm weather to cycle around the park together. In autumn, take a trip to a pumpkin patch and enjoy a hayride. If she visits in winter, go ice skating or sledding. Snap pictures of your fun adventures to include in a family album.

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