Is There an App for Recording YouTube on an IPad?

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Using an iPad to record any type of online video content, YouTube included, requires installing an app, as no video capture app is included as part of the Apple iOS. There are a large number of apps available, including many from Apple’s App Store. These apps range from offering simple video capture functionality to those that allow you to edit and share the content.

1 Features to Look For

Apps with a variety of features are available, so chances are good that there is one that will suit your needs. These apps include support for multiple types of video formats, as well as the ability to edit, rename and delete videos and the option to download multiple video streams simultaneously. Read the product descriptions carefully to see what features are (and are not) included. For example, the app YouTube Capture isn’t what its title suggests -- rather, it’s an app that allows you to upload video shot on an iPad to YouTube, not one that captures online video content.

2 Free Apps

Free apps sometimes serve as a demo for the paid version.
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The App Store makes available a number of free video capture apps. These include Video Downloader and iBolt Downloader & Manager. iBolt allows you to download your video not only to your iPad, but also to your Dropbox folder. Realize, however, that the general rule of free software and apps is that you get exactly what you pay for. While free apps work fine in many instances, you should not expect to receive much in the way of technical support from the developer. Also note that some free apps are truly free, and some are free but ask for a donation.

3 Paid Apps

Video download apps range from 99 cents to $3.99.
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Most of the apps available for free in the App Store also have a paid version. Paid apps include Tube Downloader Pro along with premium versions of iBolt and Video Downloader. Tube Downloader Pro allows you to perform an unlimited number of downloads and to manage the content on your iPad. Video Downloader Pro allows you to sync videos with your computer and to play them on your TV using AirPlay. Video Downloader Pro gives you upgraded file management capabilities, while iBolt Pro features enhanced download and file managers, with components not found in the free versions.

4 Legal Concerns

Due to legal concerns, Apple can remove apps from its store that are used to break copyright laws. Also note that some apps are available only in certain territories and are not accessible to users living outside of those territories. Further, always avoid video capture hacks and apps available online (but not in the App Store), even if the developers claim they’re safe for use on your iPad.

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