How to Temporarily Allow Pop-Ups for Firefox

Pop-up blockers prevent your browser from being overrun with unauthorized windows.
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Most pop-up windows are useless; they often exist simply to advertise products or push extra services to you. Some websites, including many online banking systems, require that you allow pop-up windows in order to handle certain Web forms or interactive processes. To accommodate those websites, Mozilla Firefox enables you to temporarily lift the restriction on pop-up windows.

1 Turning Off Pop-Up Blocker

When you encounter a website that requires pop-ups, you can turn off the Firefox pop-up blocker. Click on "Firefox" in the menu bar, choose "Preferences" and click "Content." Deselect the box next to "Block pop-up windows." When you're done with the website, click on the box to turn the blocker back on.

2 Setting Website Exceptions

If you consistently use a website that requires pop-ups, you can set it as an exception rather than turning the blocker on and off each time it loads. To add an exception, tap on the "Exceptions" button. Type the address of the website into the text field and click on "Allow." To remove the site at a later date, click on its name to select it and click on the "Remove Site" button.

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