How to Block Facebook With a Router

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Using your router to block access to Facebook is more secure and effective than software solutions. If you set a good password on your router, unauthorized users won't be able to remove the restriction. Additionally, the restriction will apply to all computers and mobile devices in the network, making this a good solution if you don't want people in your business network to browse Facebook. Many routers come with a feature that lets you block sites like Facebook, although the actual name of the feature can vary depending on the brand of your router.

1 Website Blocking

Some Linksys and Netgear routers have a dedicated section for blocking websites by URL or keyword. In Linksys routers, these options can be found under Access Restrictions while Netgear routers have them stored under Content Filtering. Putting the Facebook URL there is enough to block access to Facebook.

2 Parental Controls

Other routers, including D-Link and ASUS routers, have a parental control section that features website blocking options. While this feature is primarily meant for parents that want to prevent their children from accessing mature content, you can use the feature to block Facebook.

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