How to Delete Cookies From a Kindle Fire HD

Regularly clearing browser cookies increases data privacy.
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When you visit a website on your Kindle Fire HD, the browser stores a small bit of information -- called a cookie -- to facilitate faster access the next time you return to the site. While cookies are meant to make your browser more efficient, an excessive amount of stored data consumes valuable memory -- which, in turn, induces sluggish performance and minor device glitches. Clear these files periodically to keep your Kindle Fire running at its optimal performance.

1 Clear Silk Browser Cache

With the stock Silk browser launched, swipe inward from the left edge and select "Settings." From there, use the "Clear Browser Data" option to delete your browsing history -- including websites you've visited, passwords you've saved and personal data you've entered into forms. To manage website data from individual sites instead, tap "Individual Website Data" and then select the website from which you'd like to clear stored information.

2 Third-Party Cleaning Apps

A number of third-party cleaning apps can also be used to clear your browser's history, cookies and other cache data. These utilities give you a centralized interface for overall device maintenance and one-tap access to cache clearing -- including your browser, messaging, application and other temporary cache files. Third-party solutions available in the Amazon App Store include Clean Kindle, Clean Up and Clean Master.

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