How to Hide a Twitter Account

Select an anonymous username to tweet incognito.
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Twitter's protected tweets option gives you the ability to post on Twitter without your tweets being publicly visible. Only people you specifically allow to follow your account can see your tweets -- Google and other search engines don't have access to them. Protected tweets, along with an anonymous profile, allow you to maintain your privacy while using Twitter.

1 Using Protected Tweets

To find the option for hiding your tweets, log in to Twitter, click the gear icon at the top of your home page, select "Settings," click "Security and Privacy" in the left menu, and then enable the "Protect My Tweets" option in the Privacy section. Deselect the option to add a location to your tweets as well as the option to let others find you by your email address. If someone wants to follow you, you are given the option to approve or deny that follower's access to your posts.

2 Making Your Profile Anonymous

To ensure you keep your anonymity on Twitter, click the gear icon, select "Edit Profile," and then change your photo and image header to something that doesn't resemble you, or leave them blank. Change your name and remove your location, description and website. Save the changes to your profile so that your personal details, like your name and where you live, are removed.

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