Depending on the occasion, an LBD like Brie Larson's can work even for daytime dates.

First impressions count, and the pressure's definitely on as you try to decide what to wear for a first date. You want to be yourself -- yet at your very best. It turns out the little black dress, a no-brainer for so many events, might just work for a first date too.

Yes to the Dress

One "New York Post" writer who put a favorite LBD to the first-date test wrote that a particular fave dress always guaranteed her a second date. That said, the dress was not too short and not too revealing, yet not too buttoned-up or boring. If you have a perfect black dress that helps you shine and lets you feel comfortable, go for it -- dating is all about confidence. If you don't have a favorite, hit the shops; they are stocked with plenty of LBDs that are memorable rather than monotonous.

An Occasional No

Obviously, plenty of dates require other attire. Overdressing can be a turnoff, so if you're going to the beach, bowling or a baseball game, make another plan. To avoid appearing high maintenance, skip the pearls, big handbag and high heels, and show your sporty side.