How to Cancel Plans With a Guy & Still Keep Him Interested

Tell your date face to face that you have to reschedule.
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Canceling plans can raise a red flag to your guy, making him think that you just aren't that into him. If you have a genuine interest for your date, but have a real reason for canceling, the way that you break your plans needs to include honesty and sincerity. Canceling your date in a considerate way will let your guy know that he has the green light to ask you out again.

1 Honestly Speaking

A relationship requires a buildup of trust, with honesty at the center of a potential partnership. If you have a hope of keeping the guy interested in still dating you, start your relationship off on an honest note and tell the truth. Whatever your reason is for ditching the date, tell him the truth. Whether you know that the guy will understand the reason or you're worried that he'll see it as silly, only use an honest excuse. Catching you in a lie is a turnoff that is likely to make him lose interest.

2 Open Apology

Acting aloof about canceling may make your guy think that you don't care. Offer a considerate apology for your cancellation immediately. Instead of saying, "I have to cancel because I have to work late; sorry," lead with the apology. A sincere apology includes an acknowledgment of wrongdoing, accepting responsibility for the problem and an assurance that the offense won't happen again, asserts psychologist John M. Grohol on the PsychCentral website. While you don't need to include all of these components in every apology for a canceled date, choose any that apply. For example, if you accidentally double-booked the evening and already had plans with a friend, acknowledge your mistake and promise to check your calendar first in the future.

3 Ask Him Out

Instead of canceling and then waiting for the guy to ask you out again, show him your interest and do the asking yourself. For example, when you cancel tell him, "I'm sorry, but I have to cancel our date. My parents are making me babysit my little sister. But, I was hoping that we could go out tomorrow night instead." Re-scheduling your date instead of just canceling it lets your guy know that you have every intention of going out with him.

4 Keep Up the Communication

Your sudden cancellation doesn't mean that you have to keep mum until your rescheduled date. Keep your guy's interest level up by calling, texting or messaging him. For example, if you have to cancel because your boss called you into work at the last moment, send your guy a flirty text during your break or give him a call just to let him know that you're thinking about him. However, avoid overdoing it and texting him constantly to apologize. Instead, send him a message or two that shows you care.

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