How to Tell When Women Find You Attractive

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Knowing when women find you attractive can increase your confidence to initiate romantic connections. It can also help you know when scaling back your interactions is necessary to avoid encouraging unrequited interest. While every woman is different, there are some signs that every man should look for when assessing if an attraction exists.

Examine the frequency and nature of their compliments. Although simply giving a compliment doesn’t mean that a woman finds you attractive, showering you with praise may indicate an attraction. Look for compliments that focus on your physical appearance or those that seem to deviate from the current nature of your relationship. Examples include a long-time friend frequently complimenting your physique.

Notice if women find ways to spend more time with you. According to, women that are interested in you seek opportunities to be around you. This may include asking you to complete favors on your personal time or consistently dropping in on your lunch plans. Other actions may include requesting alone time with you just to “talk” or getting frustrated if other people invite themselves to your private plans.

Observe body language. Realize that nonverbal communication cues play an integral part in decoding hidden feelings. Watch for positive signs, which include flashing large smiles, using direct eye contact, or playing with hair when talking to you. According to, entering into your personal space or finding ways to touch you during conversations, may indicate pleasant feelings.

Pay attention to what others think. For example, if your friends are constantly teasing you about how much a certain woman always laughs at your not-so-funny jokes, it may be likely that an attraction exists. Factor in how her friends react to you as their probing questions about your personal life, or excessive giggling in your presence may mean that you have an admirer.