How to Show a Girl You Like Her if You're Introverted

Eye contact is a powerful way to signal attraction.
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There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert; however, sometimes your quiet nature can stand in the way of expressing your feelings. For example, even if you like someone, your lack of verbal and nonverbal cues can send the wrong message -- making you seem disinterested, unapproachable or even stuck-up, warns behavioral scientist Christie Hartman on her dating advice website. Several strategies will help you communicate interest in the girl you like.

1 Admit It

Rather than pretend you're an outgoing individual, go ahead and admit to the girl that you're an introvert, advises therapist Gerti Schoen, on the Your Tango website. To prevent the statement from sounding too misplaced or awkward, wait until the conversation is on that topic. For example, if she mentions that you're being awful quiet, or voices her concern that she's talking too much, take the opportunity to slide in, "I'm a bit introverted, so it's no big deal." This prevents your crush from mistaking your silences for disinterest or a snobbish demeanor. This will also take some of the pressure off of you, because you won't need to try too hard to lead conversations or expend all of your social energy to keep up appearances.

2 Open Up

Watch your body posture and gestures, as they can communicate whether or not you are friendly and interested. When you direct your stomach away from a person during interactions, you send the message that you are unwilling to be socially open, suggests former FBI counterintelligence agent Joe Navarro, in an online "Psychology Today" article. This is because the belly is a weak spot on the body that you only show to those you trust. To indicate your interest, aim your stomach in her direction and avoid crossing your arms, which also tends to block people out.

3 Listen, Listen Hard

As an introvert, you might feel exhausted when you are in charge of carrying on a conversation. However, you can communicate your interest without saying too much. Ask the girl open-ended questions and carefully listen to her answers, recommends dating coach Lyndsay Kataukas, on Your Tango. For example, ask about her college major, why she's interested in the field and what she plans on doing with the degree. This allows you to learn more about her and reveal your interest without talking too much. However, expect her to send a few questions your way as well.

4 Use Your Gaze

Eye contact is a powerful nonverbal tool when it comes to revealing your interest. When you allow your gaze to comfortably meet your friend's for several seconds, you are signaling your interest. One way to enhance this gaze is to toss in a relaxed smile or a brief eyebrow flash. However, use eye contact carefully. If she's speaking and you maintain direct eye contact for more than seven seconds at a time, you risk making her feel uncomfortable, warns social psychologist Kate Fox in an online "Men's Health" article.

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