What if a Shy Girl Looks at You a Lot?

Shy girls want to make eye contact but are afraid.
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Did you catch the shy redhead who sits across from you in calculus class looking at you? She probably looked away quickly, but then resumed her stare when she thought you wouldn't notice. You aren't sure whether to be flattered or concerned you have lunch leftovers stuck in your teeth -- but either way, your interest is piqued. If a shy girl looks at you a lot, it is generally an indication of one thing -- she likes you.

1 Being Bold

A shy girl who looks at you a lot is being bold -- which is uncharacteristic for those who are timid and a good sign that she is smitten. Those who are shy often want to make eye contact but are afraid to do so. These introverted girls may glimpse at the objects of their affection and then look away. A shy girl who spends a lot of time looking at you is sending a strong signal that she wants to know you better.

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