How to Tell Your Sister to Leave You & Your Friend Alone

Communication, patience and respect are key to resolving sibling conflicts.
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A sister can get on your nerves from time to time. It's easy to get frustrated and annoyed when you're hanging out with a friend and she won't stop pestering you. Try to remember that she probably isn't trying to bother you -- maybe she wants to join in the fun or get your attention. Before you tell her to get lost, take a few minutes to talk the situation over with her so that you can reach a fair compromise.

Determine if she really needs to leave. Before asking your sister to leave you and your friend alone, consider whether you can include her in an activity that would make things more fun for everyone. Your sister might be a pain when she's lingering around you and your friend, but she can also add to the fun as an extra player in a game or art activity.

Be direct if you decide to ask her to go away. Don't try to avoid your sister, trick her into leaving you alone or drop hints. This won't get your message across clearly and might hurt your sister's feelings. When she becomes a nuisance, tell her that you would like to speak with her privately for a minute and go someplace where the two of you can have a quick chat.

Keep your cool and calmly tell your sister that you will spend time with her later, but right now, you and your friend need time alone. Yelling or speaking angrily won't solve the problem -- in fact, it might make it worse. Suggest ways she can have fun on her own in the meantime. Encourage her to color, for example, or go play on the swing set -- something she can do by herself and still enjoy.

Go to a parent, older sibling or adult for help with the situation before frustration or anger gets the best of you. If including your sister or having a polite, private chat doesn't work and you're becoming more frustrated, walk away from the situation and calmly explain what's going on to an adult.

Never hit or humiliate your sister, no matter how bratty or annoying she becomes. Try to talk to your sister about how her behavior made you feel later on, so that you do not hold your feelings of frustration inside. An adult may be able to help the two of you express your feelings and needs appropriately and reach a resolution. You can also talk to an adult about how your sister's pestering makes you feel, or write about those feelings in a letter or a journal.

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