How to Talk to Your Crush When You're Going to Your Locker

Stick to a friend for support when talking to your crush.
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You have five minutes to get from literature to biology, and a stop at your locker to unload your hefty pile of books is on the agenda. While you're in the midst of swapping out Shakespeare for lab papers, you catch a glimpse of your crush coming toward you. Even though you're in a crunch to get to class, take advantage of those brief few minutes when you're both in the hallway together to talk to your crush.

1 Plan Ahead

If you think that there's a chance your crush will cross paths with you during the between-class times, plan ahead to get the most out of your talking and book-swapping time. Instead of sweating over being late, but still wanting to talk to your crush, think of creative ways to split your time. For example, if you know that you'll see your crush between fourth and fifth periods, make sure that your fifth period materials are already at the top of your locker pile. This way you can take most of the time to talk to your crush and then quickly grab what you need and go.

2 Assert Yourself

In the few minutes that you have after class is over and before you get to your locker, there isn't time for unsure shyness when it comes to talking to your crush. With the clock ticking down, you need to get assertive and approach your crush as soon as you see her. Not only does an assertive approach get to the point, but it also shows your crush that you have self-confidence. Keep in mind that assertive doesn't mean aggressive. Don't come on too strong or loudly to try to get her attention. Instead, confidently stride up to her, smile, and ask her, "What's up?"

3 Ideal Idol

If you feel like you're putting your crush up on a pedestal, you aren't alone. It's common for young people to idolize, or idealize, their crushes, according to psychologist Carl Pickhardt in his "Psychology Today" article "Adolescence and the Teenage Crush." While making your crush out to be the hottest, sweetest, most amazing guy ever is normal, it won't help you get in a few minutes of talk-time during your class breaks. The fear of speaking to your "idol" may make you flub your way through the locker conversation. Instead of looking at him like he's a super hero, remember that he's a person -- just like you are. This will help you chill out and speak to him casually as you switch classes.

4 What to Say

Walking to your locker during class breaks doesn't provide the time for a lengthy monologue. Planning what to say to your crush ahead of time prepares you for a fast-track conversation that beats the clock. Show your interest in him by taking the focus off yourself. Think up a few quick questions that center on how he's doing during his day. You can start with a basic, "Hi. How are you?" If you know him, or at least know a few things about him, you can incorporate them into your brief question line. For example, if your crush is on the football team, ask him, "How are you feeling about the big game?"

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