What Do I Do if Girls Won't Leave My Boyfriend Alone?

Talk to your guy about what's really going on with those other girls.
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You aren't the only one who thinks your boyfriend is super-cute, smart and funny. If girls are constantly coming up to your guy, flirting with him or messaging him on his social media page, you need to figure out a way to handle this sticky situation. While you don't want to come of as the jealous girlfriend, letting him know that it bothers you when other women won't leave him alone is essential when it comes to having a healthy relationship.

1 Say Something

Don't keep your troubled feelings bottled up inside. While you don't have to constantly tell him that you can't stand it when other girls won't leave him alone, you should feel comfortable enough in your relationship to speak up. Avoid taking an aggressive approach, as this will only cause a conflict. Instead, tell him what's bothering you in a considerate way. Say something such as "It makes me feel unimportant when other girls flirt with you in front of me" or "I know that you love me, but it makes me feel uncomfortable when another girl texts you."

2 Trust Issues

Before you upset yourself over the seemingly constant stream of girls who are talking up your guy, ask yourself if you trust him. It doesn't matter how many girls approach your boyfriend if you have full and complete trust in him. While it's normal to feel jealous when another woman flirts with your guy, reacting in an aggressive or mean way isn't necessary if he's always open and honest with you. If your boyfriend has no interest in anyone other than you and openly tells you that other girls approach him, he is proving himself as trustworthy.

3 His Role

While it's possible that your boyfriend has no control over the way women flock to him, don't rule out his role in the problem. If your guy flirts with these girls or in some other way encourages them to keep coming up to him, it's time to reconsider what your relationship means. People typically flirt either to explore the possibility of a romantic relationship or to entice someone else into a romance, according to communication researcher Sean M. Horan in his article "Why Do We Flirt?" on the Psychology Today website. When girls won't leave your boyfriend alone because he's exploring the possibilities that exist with them, remind him that you're exclusive or move on from your relationship.

4 Create Confidence

You don't have to have movie-star good looks or fame and fortune to feel good about yourself. Instead of listening to that worried inner voice that says "He's going to leave me for the pretty girl who chats with him at the coffee shop," reassure yourself that you're number one. With a healthy sense of self-esteem you can ignore the girls around your guy and remind yourself that he's your boyfriend, not theirs.

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