How to Dress With 6-Inch Wedge Boots

Matching your outfit's textures and colors with your wedge boot will bring your look home.
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While many fashionable gals can work a 6-inch wedge like no body's business, it's no easy feat. Wedges have the comfort factor over a stiletto, but they still need some direction when it comes to styling. The key to rockin' the wedge the right way is making sure your outfit compliments the color, style and texture of your wedge. Doing so can bring you -- and your outfit -- to new heights.

1 Slim Down Style

It's important to balance out a thick wedge boot with a slimmer-style skirt or pant -- otherwise, you'll end up with a heavy, unflattering look. Try teaming brown to-the-knee wedge boots with a slim, mustard-colored skirt and a jewel-colored, well-fitted tank or sweater. For a casual weekend look, wear colored skinny jeans with a well-fitted top and a cropped denim jacket. Add a pair of wedge booties to this casual look, and it will instantly elevate your style a few notches. Leggings are another skinny option that pair perfectly with wedge boots. A pair of cute wedge booties with a fold-down top gives a fun, sporty look to leggings and a campy tee.

2 Dress It Up

Heighten your style by wearing a dress with your 6-inch wedge boots -- just choose a boot fabric that compliments your outfit's texture. If you're wearing a black leather sheath, your best bet is to go rich in texture with dark leather or suede wedge boots. In the springtime, however, you'll want to lighten the load a bit with a gray ankle bootie and an above-the-knee floral frock. Shorter gals take note: rockin' a nude wedge boot -- whether ankle or knee -- is a great way to lengthen your legs.

3 Wear Skirts and Shorts

Don't kick high heels and shorts to the curb. A high-heel wedge makes this look ultra stylish, and it's one that's easy to pull off. Wear white wedge boots and a geometric-patterned shorts outfit when running errands on the weekend or dashing to class during the week. For a little more flounce, try a black ruffled mini, a bronze-colored tank and a slouchy brown sweater teamed with solid black wedges that roam to the knee. At night, glam it up a bit with a 6-inch wedge bootie in black with modern gold details, a pair of cut-off denim shorts, a black halter-style blouse and a cropped leather jacket.

4 Pack a Punch With Socks and Tights

Unless you're walking the runway, socks with stilettos is a little risky. But one of the easiest ways to pack a punch with your 6-inch wedge boots is to wear a cute pair of socks. For a fresh, spring-time look, wear white shorts and a caramel-colored T-shirt while sporting beige half boots with the same color socks. A rugged yet zesty winter look includes dark skinny jeans with a jewel-colored cable knit sweater and brown suede 6-inch wedge boots with a chunky print sock. Make sure to pair thicker and higher boots with more rugged socks, and wear thinner-material booties with rayon or cotton socks.

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