How to Style High-Waisted Shorts With Tights

A model struts in high-waisted shorts and tights during fashion week in Berlin, Germany.
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Pairing tights with high-waisted shorts creates an easy, stylish look for cold temperatures. It's a comfortable look that works just as well for workdays and couch-potato weekends as it does for nights on the town. Although the finished product looks easy, putting the look together takes a bit of effort and involves the use of complementary colors and shapes to create a look that's chic and streamlined.

1 Spotlight Your Shorts

Leave the spotlight to your shorts. High-waisted shorts are a statement piece; let them be the focal point of your outfit. Ix-nay on the daisy dukes; long shorts that hit at least mid thigh are a better complement for your tights. In addition, switch out thin, flimsy shorts for some that are substantial. Shorts in a heavy fabric, like wool or corduroy, work well with tights for this cold-weather look, advises Vogue Magazine. Stick with solid tights and a neutral-colored shoe to keep the focus on your shorts.

2 Shape Up

Go for strong shapes when choosing tops to accessorize your shorts. A sharp blazer adds structure to your look; an A-line tunic does the same with a little more lightness. Try a stiff and slim-fitting button-down shirt topped with a blazer, or a soft button-down blouse for a feminine touch. Slip on an oversized slouchy cardigan to add softness to the shorts.

3 Lean and Mean

High-waisted shorts -- or any high-waisted piece, for that matter -- take up space along your midsection and can create a bunched-up, lumpy silhouette. Avoid this by keeping the rest of your outfit sleek, with clean, crisp lines. A slightly cropped top won't add bulk when tucked into high-waisted shorts, while a tank topped by a blazer or camisole lightly skims the torso. Whichever top you choose, make sure it fits closely to the body to prevent bunching under the shorts.

4 Stretch Your Legs

The longer your shorts, the shorter your legs can look, especially when your shorts are high-waisted. Keep your legs from looking stumpy by matching your shoes to your tights. Keep both tights and shoes dark in color to make your legs look longer by creating a straight line down your body. Choosing shoes that contrast with the color of your tights interrupts that line, creating the potential for shorter-looking legs. If you must wear a contrasting shoe, go with heels to add a few inches to your legs.

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