The Best Skirt Styles for an Apple Shape

A model walking the David Koma show during London Fashion Week creates lower-body curves with a full skirt.
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Features of the so-called "apple" body shape include broad shoulders and a larger bust, which give way to a relatively undefined waist and narrow hips and thighs. If you fit into this body type category, look for skirts that will equal out your upper- and lower-body curves or that highlight one of your best assets -- your trim legs.

1 Full Skirts

Create the illusion of more proportional upper- and lower-body curves by choosing a full skirt with a fitted waistline. A nipped-in waistband helps create definition in your midsection, while a full, A-line or flared skirt gives the appearance of fuller hips to match your broad shoulders and full bust. Pair your skirt with a tucked-in V-neck blouse with vertical pleating to elongate your torso.

2 Structured Skirts

Apple shapes can also wear structured skirts -- which are flattering to a smaller bottom-half -- very well. Show off your thin legs in a classic mini skirt, or opt for a pencil skirt for more formal situations. Your skirt should skim your body rather than cling to it; clingy skirt styles can highlight the different proportions of your upper- and lower-body. Pair your structured skirt with a wrap-style top to lend definition to your middle.

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