Changing the Font Size on My LG Optimus T Android Phone

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Some Android devices -- including newer LG models -- offer the ability to modify the system font and font size, but the LG Optimus T does not feature this type of customization. There are a number of workarounds, however, that will allow you to change the font settings and enhance the readability of your LG Optimus T's display. You can increase or decrease the size of the text within the device's stock Web browser or simply rely upon third-party apps to modify font options -- like the typeface and font size -- used in other system elements.

1 Modify Browser Font Size with Browser Menu

2 Navigate to the Home screen and tap

Navigate to the Home screen and tap "Internet" to launch your Web browser.

3 Press the Menu button

Press the "Menu" button and then tap "More."

4 Tap Settings

Tap "Settings" and then "Set Text Size."

5 Choose your preferred setting

Choose your preferred setting from the options available -- for example, the "Tiny" setting will make the font extremely small whereas "Large" will enlarge it one size above the default.

6 Hit the Back button

Hit the "Back" button until you have exited the browser settings. Verify that you like the new text size by viewing a Web page and repeat your font size modifications if necessary.

7 Modify System Fonts with Big Font

8 Install and launch the Big Font app

Install and launch the Big Font app from the Google Play Store.

9 Swipe your finger

Swipe your finger to the left to decrease the system font size. Swipe your finger to the right to increase font size. Alternately, you can tap the down arrow at the top and select a preset font size from the menu that pops up.

10 Apply and then tap to confirm your wish

Tap "Apply" and then tap "OK" to confirm your wish to change the system font size.

11 Modify Text Message Font and Size with Handcent SMS

12 Install and launch the Handcent SMS app

Install and launch the Handcent SMS app from the Google Play Store.

13 Tap the Menu'' icon

Tap the "Menu" icon, which looks like three small stacked squares, and select "Settings."

14 Tap Custom Style and then Conversation List Settings

Tap "Custom Style" and then "Conversation List Settings." This modifies the way your list of conversations appears when you first launch the Handcent SMS app.

15 Tap Contact Font

Tap "Contact Font" to modify the font, size and style for contact name labels. Press the "Back" button once when you are finished.

16 Continue modifying the appearance

Continue modifying the appearance of the Conversation List by tapping other menu options. For example, you can modify the "Subject Font," which is the textual preview of each SMS message, or the individual message's "Date Font."

17 Press the Back button

Press the "Back" button twice and tap "Save" to confirm your changes. This will also revert you to the main Settings menu.

18 Tap Conversation Settings

Tap "Conversation Settings" and modify your in-text display settings. You can, for example, change the font for incoming messages, modify the color of displayed phone numbers and decrease the size of hyperlinks.

19 Press the Back button-2

Press the "Back" button twice and tap "Save" to confirm changes.

  • Information in this article applies to the LG Optimus T smartphone. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.
  • The Handcent SMS will be used as your text messaging app instead of the stock Messages app, which does not allow the font customizations.
  • In addition to the app's main font configurations, you can download a number of Handcent add-ons from the Google Play Store for access to additional emoticons, fonts and themes.

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