Sending a BlackBerry Text Message Conversation to a Mac

Extract your Blackberry text messages to your Mac from your device or backup files.
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When you back up a Blackberry to your Mac, a .bbb or .ipd file is created. These files are databases of your phone's content, and you cannot open them to view text message logs with Mac-native software. However, you can use third-party backup converters and management tools to extract your text messages and view them on the Mac.

1 Different Viewing Approaches

Third-party software for Mac allows you to view your Blackberry text messages in a variety of ways. Apps like MyTexts require that you create a backup file of your Blackberry using the device's included Desktop Software for Mac. Other apps, like Blackberry Extractor for Mac and The Missing Sync, retrieve backups directly from your device via a corded connection.

2 Blackberry Extractor for Mac

Download the free trial of Blackberry Extractor for Mac from the MyPhoneData developer website (link in Resources). Install the software and connect your Blackberry device to your computer with the USB cable. Launch the software and click "Recovery." Blackberry Extractor creates a backup of your Blackberry contents. Select "SMS/ Text Messages" and choose an export file format -- TXT, HTML or CSV. Choose a location on your Mac hard drive and click "Export." Open the new exported files to view your Blackberry text messages.

3 The Missing Sync

Purchase the software from the Mark/Space developer page for $29.95 (link in Resources). Download, install and launch the Missing Sync SMS Log software. Connect your Blackberry device to your Mac with the USB cable. Your text message history is displayed in the sidebar, and you can select conversations based on contact names. You can view the text message logs directly within the SMS Log software.

4 MyTexts for Blackberry Pro

Purchase and download the MyTexts software from the Mac App Store, priced at $20 as of December 2013 (link in Resources). Create a backup of your device using the Blackberry Desktop Software for Mac. This saves a .bbb format file to your Mac. Open your Blackberry backup file within the MyTexts app, and it displays your SMS conversations sorted by contact. Once the text messages have finished loading, you can export them as HTML or XML files for later viewing.

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