Saving files to a USB flash drive ensures that you have a portable backup of your important images. It also gives you a viable method of distributing large files that are too difficult to send over the Web. Once the flash drive is connected to an available USB port, launch your computer's file explorer and drag documents and other digital files onto it. If you're scanning documents as well, don't even bother saving the files to your computer -- simply configure your scanner so images are saved directly to the flash drive.

Step 1

Plug your flash drive into your computer and allow a few moments for a connection to be established.

Step 2

Place the document you'd like to scan on the flatbed or feeder tray of your scanner and initiate scanning. This process varies by manufacturer and model. Some scanners require you to press a "Scan" button, while other devices are controlled using software installed on the computer.

Step 3

Direct the scanner to save the finished document to the flash drive when prompted for a save location. Allow a few moments for the scanning to complete.