PDA's (personal data assistants) are used for different purposes. Today, some PDAs come attached with barcode scanners to assist those working in retail stores to effectively track stock, retrieve products and also keep inventory of stock. Team members in retail stores, such as Target, use these devices to keep track of items available in their particular store as well as other items in other Target stores.

Step 1

Find a single product that you want to scan. Direct the PDA toward the item for the barcode to be read. Information about the product will be indicated on the screen. Because the stores are large, sales clerks are able to scan one item and determine the location of similar items within the store.

Step 2

Use the PDA to locate the movement of items in and out of the backroom of the store. Scan the item by pointing at the barcode and then use the device to see the availability of an item in stock.

Step 3

Employ the PDA to collect and transfer data from your store to another store. Scan the barcode with your handheld device and information will instantly appear showing you which Target store has a particular item in stock.

Step 4

Track the on-hand count of items by scanning the barcode of a single item. The screen on the barcode will indicate the number of such items available and whether or not restocking is required.

Step 5

Scan items and send them to the main computer sever. This ensures that the store's database is updated regularly and automatically to avoid mismanagement of inventory.