PayPal gives you a plethora of options when using its service. For example, you can use your PayPal account to purchase items from eBay or any other merchant that accepts PayPal. You can also send money to other PayPal accounts. PayPal supports several currencies, so you are not restricted when sending funds. You can send money straight from your PayPal account, bank account or credit card.

Step 1

Sign in to your PayPal account. Select the "Send Money" tab.

Step 2

Enter the email address or mobile phone number of the person to whom you wish to send the money. Select the amount of money you wish to send and the currency you wish to send it in. As of May 2010, PayPal supports 23 different currencies.

Step 3

Select whether this money is payment for a purchase or for personal reasons. Click "Continue."

Step 4

Select to send your money from your PayPal account, credit card or from your bank account in the form of an e-check.

Step 5

Enter an optional message in the message box at the bottom of the page. A message lets the account holder know who you are and why you're sending him money.

Step 6

Click "Send money." PayPal redirects you to a confirmation page, letting you know your money was successfully sent.