Schools That Teach Fingerprinting

Training to become a fingerprint specialist will open new opportunities in your profession.

Fingerprinting knowledge is required for jobs in the government, in human resources and in teaching, among other professions. You can also certify to fingerprint if you work as a notary and earn some extra money on the side. Several options are available through universities, private companies or the FBI to become a certified fingerprinter.


The FBI offers courses in fingerprint classification using the Henry System. These classes are open to internal FBI employees as well as law enforcement officers and criminal justice agencies with an authorized ORI number. The course is 40 hours long and teaches students how to recognize, classify and differentiate one finger from another. Other courses about the history of fingerprinting and fingerprinting physiology are available. These are shorter classes, one totaling four hours and the other totaling two hours.

2 Fingerprint Academy

Fingerprint Academy is a company that offers training supplies, seminars, workshops and programs for those who wish to become fingerprint specialists. Fingerprint Academy offers learning at home, since Fingerprinting Specialist campuses are few and far between in the United States. You can receive everything you need to become fully certified in rolling fingerprints or live scans. Classes and workshops are taught by professionals who have worked in the fingerprinting profession for several years.

3 Notary Training

A-24 Notary, Fingerprinting and Live Scan is a company out of California that can help you become a certified fingerprinter. Classes are currently only held in Santa Ana and Sacramento, but the website lists a number you can call if you're interested in classes and don't live in either of those areas. The company will put together a class as soon as enough people in your area show interest. The courses include lectures on techniques and state and federal regulations, as well as student labs to apply what has been learned.

4 Degree Programs

Criminal-justice degree programs often offer fingerprint specialization as part of the career training. Your degree program can offer classes in state and federal laws concerning fingerprinting, as well as techniques and computer technology used in fingerprint scanning. Students also learn how to take fingerprints at a crime scene, as well as store fingerprints for later use. Universities such as American Intercontinental University, University of Phoenix and Keiser University offer on-campus and online programs with fingerprinting specialization.

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