How to Become a Phlebotomist Teacher

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Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood from an individual. Usually, phlebotomists draw blood for testing, such as when you are in the hospital or your doctor calls for blood tests. Phlebotomists also draw blood for donations during blood drives. To become a certified phlebotomist teacher from the American Certification Agency (ACA) for Healthcare Professionals (see Resources), you need experience and education. You do not have to take a written test, but you do have to be phlebotomy certified, an LPN, or an RN. Becoming a certified phlebotomy instructor will allow you to get better jobs and be more respected in your field.

  • Phlebotomist certification (or RN or LPN) with at least 10 hours of medical professional development in the last year
  • $150.00 application fee
  • Proof of graduation from a phlebotomy school with a detailed syllabus or outline
  • CPR certification
  • Resume
  • Completed application form

1 Go to the American Certification Agency

Go to the American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals and download the Certified Phlebotomy Instructor application. This application will guide you in what you need to complete and gather together to become a phlebotomy teacher. You will need to fill out the application and get it signed by the necessary deans or supervisors required on the form. You will also need a $150.00 application fee to send in once you complete the application and all the requirements.

2 Work

Work as a phlebotomist for at least three years to become a phlebotomy teacher. You will need to have documented experience at your work place and documentation that you have completed 10 hours of medical continuing education in the past year. For example, if you work for a hospital, you will need to provide your employment records and possibly a letter of reference from a supervisor that proves you have worked successfully as a phlebotomist for three years. You will also need to include your resume with the application.

3 Get one year of teaching experience

Get one year of teaching experience to become a phlebotomy instructor, according to the ACA. You do not have to take a test to become an instructor, but you need a year of teaching experience. This teaching requirement can be fulfilled during your three years working as a phlebotomist. You can train and teach personnel at your workplace and this counts as the one year of teaching experience, as long as you have a letter of reference that states you have worked as a trainer.

4 Graduate from a phlebotomy training program

Graduate from a phlebotomy training program. In some countries, phlebotomists are trained on the job. However, the requirements in the United States are to take a certification class after you graduate from high school. If you want to be a phlebotomy teacher, you have to graduate from one of these programs and provide the syllabus or course requirements as well as proof of graduation. When you turn in your application, you will also need proof of your phlebotomy certification or state license and of CPR certification to become a certified phlebotomist teacher.

5 Send in your application

Send in your application and all the requirements listed in Steps 1 to 4. Look for phlebotomist teacher jobs at community colleges, vocational and technical schools once you receive certification. Since many health care facilities in the U.S. do not hire phlebotomists unless they have completed a training program and certification, a phlebotomist teacher has many opportunities to teach in one of these programs.

  • Once you have become a certified phlebotomist teacher, you will have to renew your certification annually from the ACA. You have to complete 10 hours of medical continuing education and send in a $50 renewal fee.