Scholarships for 5th Grade Through High School

Even junior high students may be eligible for scholarships opportunities.
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Some parents choose to send their children to special public, private or parochial schools that meet high academic standards and offer personalized attention. Tuition costs for these schools can be expensive, but there are scholarships for children and teenagers alike. Students from the 5th grade on may be eligible for awards based on their grades, leadership skills, athletics achievements, involvement in extracurricular activities and family income. Finding organizations that offer scholarship assistance is the first step to covering the high cost of education.

1 A Better Chance

If a student demonstrates strong academic credentials and maintains a minimum B+ grade point average, he or she may be eligible to receive a scholarship from the Better Chance College Preparatory Schools Program (CPSP). The CPSP is open to racial minority students who are in middle or high school, as long as their school of choice offers a college preparatory curriculum. Students have a “better chance” of getting accepted if they possess leadership skills, participate in sports or hold office in an academic club.

2 Children's Scholarship Fund

The Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) is a program that provides scholarships to children with varied academic, social, cultural and religious goals. The organization’s objective is to help match children with their school of choice, regardless of income, race or other factors. The CFS awards financial support on a sliding scale. Depending on the family’s budget, the CSF may pay for 25, 50 or 75 percent of tuition. Because full tuition is not covered, families who receive support from the CSF may want to seek additional assistance from other organizations.

3 The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation provides scholarships to high-achieving students with little financial means. Students apply when they are in the 7th grade and receive financial assistance from the time they are in 8th grade until they graduate high school. The foundation’s Young Scholar’s Program works with families to create academic plans tailored to a student's gifts, needs, passions, hobbies and goals. In addition to helping pay for a traditional education, it can be used to pay for a summer program and art instruction.

4 The Prudential Spirit of Community Award

According to U.S. News World and Report, the Prudential Spirit of Community Award is one of the best scholarship programs for middle and high school students. The Prudential Spirit of Community Award contributes up to $5000 to students who provide community service through volunteer work.

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