How to Get Rosetta Stone for Free

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Rosetta Stone is a language software designed to help promote learning through images, audio and your own dialog. Typically one segment of the program costs a few hundred dollars, which is rather pricey. If you don't want to pay for the software, or at least want to try out the programming before you buy it there is a way to obtain the software free of charge.

1 Open your Internet browser

Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Rosetta Stone website. Rosetta Stone offers a free trial of its program to see if you like the software.

2 Select the language

Select the language you want and the demo for the software is available to you. The demo varies throughout the year of the actual language, as it is just designed to give you a free trial of how the program runs.

3 Click the download link

Click the download link and wait for the Rosetta Stone file to download to your computer.

4 The downloaded file

Double click the downloaded file to load the demo installation wizard onto the screen. Accept the end-user agreement, then follow the prompts to completely install the demo onto your computer.

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