Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar coined the term "Automobile University" to describe how time spent in traffic can be used to educate yourself on a variety of subjects. Using audiobooks in your car is a great way to learn almost anything from finance to philosophy, literature to languages. In a year, the average driver can learn about as much as a college student attending a year's worth of classes. Follow these steps to learn how.

Locating Audiobooks

Borrow audiobooks from your local public library free of charge.

Purchase audiobooks from your local bookstore or from online bookstores.

Rent audiobooks over the Internet. Many of the Web sites offering pre-recorded audiobooks for sale also offer rentals in exchange for a monthly fee.

Download audiobooks that are in the public domain free of charge or purchase downloadable audiobooks from Internet bookstores. Look for downloadable audiobooks on your local public library's website.

Downloading Audiobooks

Purchase a CD player that can handle MP3-formatted CD's. You'll also need special computer hardware and software to "burn" CD-R's as well as a supply of blank disks.

Download the audiobook onto your computer as an MP3 file.

Place a blank CD-R into your CD writer. Open the software you'll use to burn the CD-R and browse your computer for the MP3 file you downloaded. Follow the steps given by your software to burn the file onto your CD-R.

Things Needed

  • ["Blank CD-R's", 'Computer with CD writer and software', 'Prerecorded audiobooks', "CD player that will play MP3-formatted CD-R's"]


  • Use CD-R's instead of CD-R/W's because rewritable CD's may not play in your CD player. Use a marker to label your CD-R. A paper label may cause the CD-R to get stuck in your CD player. Don't use headphones or earbuds to listen to audiobooks in the car. These shut out sounds you may need to hear to drive safely like the sirens of emergency vehicles or car horns. It's also illegal to use headphones or earbuds while driving. Stop listening to your audiobook if you become bored with the material or if it's distracting you from driving.