How to Learn Urdu Grammar

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Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and is spoken in various countries, including Aghanistan, India, Germany, Thailand, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. According to Omniglot, this Indo-Aryan language boasts 104 million speakers, including those who speak it as a second language. The script used to write Urdu is a version of the Perso-Arabic script, and is usually written in Nastaliq style. To learn proper Urdu grammar, there are several steps to take.

1 Get a qualified Urdu learning course

Get a qualified Urdu learning course that will get you on track by giving you a head start. The "Teach Yourself Urdu" and "Read and Write Urdu Script: Teach Yourself" courses that include books and CDs are viable options. Also, consider looking for local universities and community colleges that offer Urdu language classes.

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2 Use free online tools

Use free online tools to keep learning and practicing Urdu grammar. Websites such as feature free lessons that help you improve your vocabulary--adjectives, adverbs, nouns, prepositions-- as well as other essential areas that help you learn proper Urdu grammar.

3 Interact with native Urdu speakers

Interact with native Urdu speakers. If you do not know people who are native Urdu speakers, consider joining chat rooms, such as Live Mocha, where you can chat with native Urdu speakers so you can get an idea of how natives write and speak the language. Also, use websites like My Language Exchange where you can practice with a native Urdu speaker who wants to learn your language. With My Language Exchange you are able to write and speak Urdu online to improve you conversational and grammar skills.

4 Read news and literature

Read news and literature in Urdu and listen to Urdu radio and music. This will help you open up your vocabulary and develop your conversational skills. Ultimately this will help you become familiar with the Urdu language.

5 Consider visiting Pakistan

Consider visiting Pakistan, or living with people who are native Urdu language speakers. This forces you to immerse yourself in the culture and to practice the language at all times. Forcing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and having no other option but to practice the language will help you increase your Urdu grammar skills.

  • Stay focused and practice what you have learned. Ultimately, learning Urdu grammar will depend on your effort, dedication and consistency.

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